Aradhana Ghosh IGCSE-Grade XII

As a Student I had access to opportunities which allowed me to explore, express, and get involved with the entire student body as the Head Girl in my Senior year in high school (Grade XII) and in other ways as various cabinet posts which I was encouraged to pursue the election and selection processes even as a new student in my freshman year of high school where I had only attended school for only 3 weeks! Reqelford provides a platform for students to understand the issues affecting society which are discussed right from classes to assemblies where students are challenged, and can not only discuss things they are passionate about, but also hone their talents though stage performances which are celebrated.

In fact Reqelford even works on developing the diverse interests of the student body through its various truly world renowned training facilities in extracurricular activities be it the Professional Music Academy where Teachers are former professionals with the Gracias Choir which have won the title as the Best Choir in the World or even multiple sports training Avenues be it the VVS Laxman cricket training academy or the Gopichand Academy to name a few. In my years at the school I've found that the values of the school creates an environment where students can excel and build a vision for themselves as it has allowed me and countless other too. For the times I made mistakes, I was in a space of safe learning where I laughed at my literal and figurative falls and drew tender learnings from with mentoring by any faculty I would reach out to; other times when I was working though hiccups as does any student anywhere, I was proactively approached by faculty and offered help I didn't know I needed at times but were so helpful!

The school also challenged me in various avenues to help me build skills, where questions I had like "School doesn't teach you how to pay your taxes" were celebrated and I was encouraged to do working models of the same during the Req Scientifica and Exhibition! In my time at Reqelford I had the opportunity to win multiple Laurels for the school as its representative including Competitive Swimming, Elocution and Debate competitions, serving as Assistant Director at Harvard Model United Nations, India and Dubai 2019 and 2020 respectively, etc., and exploring varies avenues in the school including discovering my ability for painting, exploring dance, or even singing the solo in the Choir or the school band.

As an Alumni of the Cambridge curriculum in Reqelford, Class of 2020, my teachers constantly encouraged me to not only peruse the isles of the world's relevance to our content of study that day but were also enthusiastic whenever I proposed to forage a newer class form be it sitting among near the pond, having high level debates and discussions on issues that sometimes even ranged beyond the scope of the syllabuses or challenging me with questions and providing help to all the follow up 3 am emails that I would send out to them. It is not only a time I look back to reminisce on but also where I'm carrying the lessons from a place which harbored my love for learning both in and beyond the classroom.

Mrs. Reena Johnson Name of the child: Sherin Merina Johnson (Grade X)


Well Done (Whale done) yes! A verbal pat on the back of Reqelford International School, staff and the management team, is, what I, Reena Johnson, parent of Sherin Merina Johnson, student of Grade X would like to say. I take this opportunity to convey my appreciation and gratitude which has been long due as they very well deserve, for putting things together, managing, and organizing and still maintaining the international standards with available resources even in this Pandemic situation.

I have been experiencing the excellent, personalized and professional approach in everything Reqelford does, since my daughter who was studying in Dubai joined this school 3 years ago.

Their sincere, hardworking, caring and helpful staff right from the entrance of the school’s main gate, the security, reception staff - Ms. Anita especially, the accounts and admin department staff - Mr. Gowtham, Ms Suzanne, Mr Joseph. Of course not to forget the Senior Management team Ms. Manjula, Mr. Benjamin, Ms. Nivedita, and last but not the least the very great personality who is behind all of them the Founder and Principal of the school Dr. Vidya Sravanthi who makes this school standout due to her passion, consistent efforts and perseverance not only towards educating students academically but support, develop and encourage every student with their unique extracurricular talents and skills.

Presently I got to witness the teachers and the VPs, who are really working hard beyond their limits and timings, specially tackling the hurdles in the online teaching by putting in extra efforts and responsibilities though their jobs have multiplied three-fold compared to the regular classroom teaching.

I don’t think I can stop admiring the way Reqelford management and staff, treats and makes me feel special from the time I enter the school premises until I leave. Apart from the academic support, the school, in the last 3 years, has played a great role in the growth of my daughter’s professional badminton training journey.

To be helpful or not is secondary but to be there for you to lend their ears and time is the biggest thing one can do and I see that every single staff I meet in Reqelford International School does, irrespective of the day and time - which is simply commendable.

I would like to wish and congratulate on the incredible accomplishments and marvelous jobs you all are doing and would like to shout out and say WHALE DONE instead of well done as we all know the whale is a five ton killer mammal and such huge is my compliment to all the Reqelfordians.

Mihir Mutyampeta

Hello, my name is Mihir Mutyampeta. My first year at Reqelford International School was in my tenth grade, in the academic year of 2019 – 2020. It was a very enriching experience that I had. The high expectations I had coming to India from the United States a couple years ago were met by the international exposure and environment which the school facilitates. The teachers who taught me were quite experienced, and were able to bring me up to par with the other students, which would have been difficult otherwise, because I joined the IGCSE curriculum in the tenth grade itself, leaving me a short time to catch up to my peers in terms of academic syllabus coverage. All the teachers who taught took me under their wing and guided through every nook and cranny of the completely new system which I was in, for which I am very thankful to them.

Although academics is of top priority to me and my teachers, that did not stop me from pursuing sports at school. I regularly took training from the two badminton teachers at school, which let me exercise an active lifestyle, and also let me enjoy a sport which I loved a lot. I would request some extra time to spend at the court so that I could play and improve my technique. Along with this, I was also fortunate enough to swim at school and also participated in an inter-school Cambridge sports meet, in which I achieved a gold medal in the back-stroke. There are many other sports options at school, like soccer, tennis, basketball, cricket, and skating, and I am very proud to call such a diverse environment at my school.

The community is an international one also, with a group of Korean students among us. They are very nice to interact with, and it also gives a new exposure and perspective to education, as we study alongside them. This aspect truly embodies the concept of our school, to be able to impart an international education, facilitate a community inclusive of everyone, and instill such values in us, which will guide us throughout our lives. The interaction which we the small class size here at Reqelford affords us, really allows us to have a great flow of discussion and exchange of information in the class. Personally, I appreciated how small a class is, in that we can have a great relationship with the teacher, which allows the teacher to help us in an individualized manner, and also allows to freely, without fear, express our feelings and get our uncertainties clarified. I have really grown as a student in the way that I approach academics, my development in a sport, which I couldn’t have been able to do otherwise, how I interact with my teachers and peers, and I have to thank the school for that.

Mrs. Rachel Priyalatha Ghosh & Mr. Sreejoy GhoshName of the students: Aradhana Ghosh (Grade 12 Alpha) & Abhishek Ghosh (Grade 6 Alpha)

Our children have been attending the school for the last 3 years. It gives us immense joy and satisfaction to see them blossom in the areas of academics, extra-curricular activities and confidence building. It's been one of our best decisions to join Reqelford International School and we are delighted to see them every day being nurtured into responsible, caring and strong individuals. This journey would not be possible without the support of a highly talented and committed team of academic & non-academic staff who take personal interest in every child. Above all I must say, Dr. Sravanthi along with her core team are the well-wishers of children and provide all opportunities for overall success. We strongly recommend that you choose this school for a holistic development & their excellence in Cambridge curriculum.

Mrs. Anitha & Mr. Amarnath Name of the child: Siddarth – Grade 9 Alpha

It has been a phenomenal and memorable journey at Reqelford during the past four years. We can’t thank you enough for the positive contribution you have made in our son Siddarth’s life. The knowledge, values, skills that you have imparted to Siddarth will always stay with him and reflect in his actions. A big thank you to Mrs. Jyotsna, Siddarth’s Geography teacher who encouraged him and was a positive influence on him during his early years in Reqelford. Special thanks to Mrs. Manjula and Mrs. Rajitha for showering so much love, care and attention towards Siddarth. We are very pleased with the excellent infrastructure the school is offering to students. We feel proud as parents to provide such a safe and holistic environment to our kid.

Mrs. & Mr. Praveen Kari Name of the students: Pradeep Kari (Grade 12 Alpha) and Sandeep Kari (Grade 8 Alpha)

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude to Reqelford International School management and teaching staff. Both my children moved to India from USA. After we moved, we found ourselves fortunate to find a school which provides a system with equivalent curriculum and sports activities. RFIS helped our children in all ways. RFIS helps new students adapt to a different learning system and is always ready to help them overcome the hardships of the learning process. The school enables the students to participate not only in the school projects but also in International projects. My children are the best example. So, I would like to refer Reqelford International School for future dynamic and energetic kids.

Mrs. & Mr. Rajinit Name of the child: Rithvik (Grade 7 IG)

This school is very good. My kids love it here. That is mostly because this school gives more importance to extracurricular activities. The teachers are also very nice and know how to handle kids of all age groups. I, as a parent, am very glad to have joined my kids in Reqelford International School.