For teachers who are passionate about their field - A great future awaits you at Reqelford.

At Reqelford we are looking for professionals who understand and believe in our philosophy. People who are genuinely interested in creating students who are world-ready, in sync with todays technology and backed by the Indian value system.

Be a part of our mission to revolutionise education

If you are looking for an opportunity to work at Reqelford International School, please send your resume to:
Please ensure you mention:

  • Contact number
  • Experience, subjects taught along with the curriculum followed by the school or the position & nature of work in the prior organization.
  • Your resume should mention educational degrees and the subjects you graduated in.

Career @ Reqelford:

We believe that the teacher community at Reqelford is our unique asset. Here teachers are given the push to innovate, create, and approach teaching methodology through interactive and research-based methods. Teacher Development programs are constantly conducted to enhance our teachers with the latest developments in the field of education.

Teacher seminars, events, and workshops are organized on-campus periodically through professional training centers.